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Blondie’s Burgers – Provincetown

31 Aug

During our last stay at Cape Cod, we spent Saturday hanging out with friends in Provincetown (P-Town, for those not in the know). It’s become a tradition for a group of us to pick a weekend usually late in the summer to take the ferry to P-Town from Boston early in the morning and take the last one home. The past 2 years Hubs and I have taken it as an opportunity to spend the entire weekend there.

Last year, we ate lunch at Burger Queen, and I wasn’t too impressed with it. So this year we decided to have a late lunch at Blondie’s Burgers.

The yellow building certainly catches your attention, especially when it tells you what you can find inside.

Blondie’s, you had me at Creamy Dreamy Thick Shakes.

The menu is a healthy size, where you can chose from a hand full of burgers, hot dogs, fries, and of course delicious shakes.

After a bit, we decided to split a Slushie instead because we wanted to save room for dessert somewhere else. Sadly, the slushie was just a mixture of orange soda and ice, blended in a blender. While it was tasty, at around $3.50, you are better off skipping it and heading straight for the shakes.

I managed to sneak a sip of my mother in laws friend’s chocolate shake, and my fears of it being to heavy were thrown out of the window. Just the right amount of chocolate, ice cream, and milk shakey goodness. Will definitely be getting one of these next time!

For my main meal, I went with the burger special of the day, which was a Greek inspired burger consisting of 2 patties, sauteed onions, feta cheese, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

I truly love burgers like this, with the extra small patties. They just seem to exude more juiciness than thicker burgers. They don’t have to cook as long, so they don’t get a rubbery exterior that thicker burgers get. Blondie’s gets it right by sticking most of the ingredients in the middle of the burger, and the feta cheese melted nicely into the burger.

We decided to share an order of their hand cut french fries, and we generously slathered them in malted vinegar. Other options include your standard ketchup, as well as mustard, salt, pepper and cumin. I saved a small handful of fries and doused them with cumin, as I love the stuff, but Hubby sadly does not.

These fries were excellent, crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside. I particularly enjoyed the darker fries, as you can see 1 or 2 pictures above. Once we added a little extra salt to them, they were perfection.

Joe loves to get hot dogs for some reason (especially at burger centric places. I don’t really understand it). I didn’t manage to snap a picture of it but we got his with sauerkraut and mustard, and he looked like a happy camper munching on his hot dog.

Blondie’s was definitely a huge step up from Burger Queen and you are better off getting your burger fill at Blondie’s, where the smiles are brighter, the burgers are better, and the shakes are creamier.

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Breakfast at Eat @ Adrian’s

23 Aug

Two weekends ago Joe and I spent a long weekend at the Cape again. We spent that Saturday in P-Town (Provincetown for those who don’t know) with a group of friends, but Sunday was a day of spending time together and relaxing.

When I heard that the guys over at EAT Boston were taking over Adrian’s restaurant in Truro, I knew that I wanted to visit. We decided to have breakfast there on Sunday morning.

The breakfast menu was very simple, and the focus was on local, quality ingredients. The menu was small but contained a lot of interesting menu options.

We were able to sit on the back porch on this particularly balmy Sunday, and the view was not too shabby. Adrian’s is pretty much on the Truro/Provincetown line so if you walk out toward the edge of the property you can see all of P-Town in its glory.

The coffee brewed at Adrian’s is specially blended for the restaurant from locally roasted Beanstock coffee. It was strong and very flavorful. I may have had a little too much coffee.

As an appetizer so to speak, we decided to share a generously portioned slice of sour cream coffee cake. Served warm, it was moist and slightly tangy, and the ribbon of nuts and cinnamon melted in your mouth. The perfect start to breakfast.

Joe went with the cranberry pancakes served with real maple syrup and orange butter. As you can see, they did not skimp at all with the cranberries, which provided a nice tartness that went well with the citrus of the butter. Doused in maple syrup, it’s hard to mess something like this up.

For my meal, I went with the Swiss Eggs, which were two eggs poached on top of an English Muffin with a Romano cream sauce that was kicked up with a little cayenne pepper. Basically eggs benedict without the hollandaise and meat. It was also 1000x better than traditional eggs benedict. The eggs were perfectly poached, and the cream sauce complimented the eggs perfectly. Even though I love eggs benedict (poached eggs more like it) I’m usually not a huge fan of hollandaise. If the same goes for you, then I would highly recommend getting an order of Swiss eggs.

It’s ok though, I still got my meat portion in. Obviously when I see linguica on the menu, I cannot turn it down. This linguica was perfectly grilled, and was mild but still flavorful. They know what they are doing.

Sadly, the folks at EAT are only at Adrian’s for the remainder of the summer, so if you want to sample the delectable breakfast, lunch or dinner menu, you need to do it soon! Hopefully it is such a success that they will come back next summer ::fingers crossed:: If you find yourself in Truro in the next couple of weeks, make sure you check out Adrian’s!

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4th of July at Cape Cod

6 Jul

Most people marry for love.

Some people marry for money.


…I married for cottages on the Cape and this:

That right there is low tide at the members only beach where my husband’s grandparents live in Eastham. Back in the late 1960s, Joe’s Grandma and Grandpa (Or Bapshi and Jaji as they are known to the kids) bought 4 cottages on a small dirt road minutes away from the beach. They bought these cottages because one day they wanted their kids and their grandkids to be able to have a place to come to during the summer.

Every time I come here I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Ok, so I REALLY didn’t marry my hubby because of the cottages….I mean, just look at him, isn’t he so cute? But the private beach certainly doesn’t hurt…

We decided a few months ago that we wanted to make the trip down to the Cape for the 4th of July. We weren’t daunted by the traffic, or the thousands of people, or the fireworks. I just wanted a weekend of fun, sun, and most of all, BEACH.

And you know what? We must have had luck on our side because there was no traffic going down or coming back home from the Cape! How’s that for awesome?

While a majority of the weekend was spent reading, swimming, napping, and generally lounging around on the beach, we did manage to do some other things. Like go to the farmer’s market!

Orleans is pretty much considered to be Eatham’s older sister. Orleans holds their farmer’s market Saturday’s from 8AM until Noon and they seriously have quite a selection of items. From honey wax candles….

To a guy strummin his guitar…

Delicious jams, jellies, and mustard (we grabbed some Pluot jam!)….

Even some organic catnip! (Yes, my cat went crazy for it!)

We didn’t buy much especially since most vendors were running low by the time we got there (and it was only 10AM!) but we managed to grab some tasty items.

After the farmer’s market we spent most of the day at the beach. It was gorgeous out!

Later on in the day, after dinner, we went over to Nauset Light Beach, which is located on the ocean side. The beach where Joe’s grandparents live is on the bay side.

I got to dip my feet into the water. It was a lot colder than the Bay side! But still felt good!

We went for a nice walk on the beach. It’s pretty quiet and romantic, especially because there is only one set of stairs leading to the beach so not many people walk that far out.

We went to bed early that night because we were going clamming in the morning! We headed out to Salt Pond with Joe’s aunt and uncle and went clamming for Quahog’s.

It was actually a LOT of fun! At first we were the only one’s there but as 8AM came more people started to come! I was worried we wouldn’t get a lot of clams, but I was wrong! We actually got too many and we had to return some! The Pond was REALLY squishy, and my flip flops kept getting stuck in the mud, but the 4 of us managed to get a huge pail of clams. FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, how much more awesome is that?!

I know it doesn’t look like much, but that’s actual 10 quarts of clams! Joe and I spent the afternoon cleaning, steaming, and shucking clams. We ended up making a big batch of clam chowder (post coming soon!) and Joe’s grandfather liked it so much, he had three bowls! I had big plans to fry some clams, but I came down with a cold later on in the weekend and just didn’t want to have to deal with it! We ended up with a few dozen clams. Not bad for a half hour’s work.

After we went clamming, we still needed to get breakfast! So we headed to the place that sells the BEST donuts ever, Hole in One Donuts. There is ALWAYS a line going out the door, they are seriously the best donuts in the world.

This picture is the only glimpse of the donuts that you are going to get. I may have ate the donuts too fast to actually take a picture. We got 2 honey glaze yeast donuts, 2 sour cream cake donuts, a cream filled powdered donut, & a coconut chocolate cake donut. And they were amazing. So amazing I may have eaten 3 donuts in one sitting¬†Down it with a large iced coffee, and I’m in heaven.

More beach time was had at this point. But then we decided to head over to the Wellfleet Flea Market

Seriously, this place sells EVERYTHING. You can get tshirts, discounted designer clothing, housewares, kitchenwares. Everything.

I bought an organic cotton t-shirt for only $8!

They also sell more traditional items when you think of flea markets. Spoon wind chimes anyone????

I was incredibly tempted to buy this tortilla press. Joe talked me out of it though. Sad face.

I wish I had a bigger house so I could fill it with knick knacks. le sigh

Along with these documented adventures, we went out for ice cream (twice, it was delicious) and took Joe’s younger cousins out mini golfing at the scariest mini golf course ever. I wish I had taken pictures. Giant mutant farm animals. Just use your imagination on that one. While we didn’t get to see any official¬†fireworks, we did get quite the show from some amateurs.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to have a place to come to whenever I want (within reason, heh) during the summer. I can’t wait to be able to bring our kids here someday and be able to expose them to the beautifulness that is the Cape! Hope everyone had just as great of a weekend as we did!

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