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Boston Brunchers at Local 149

12 Sep

I have to admit, I don’t make the trek out to South Boston very often. For some reason I think it is so far away, even though it is a hop skip and a jump away from my work, and a relatively easy bus trip from Copley. But I still have only been to a handful of places in Southie, such as American Provisions, K.O. Catering & Pie, and now, Local 149.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Boston Brunchers at Local 149 last weekend. From the moment you walk into Local 149, you know that you are in for a special time. I wouldn’t be lying if I told you this was my favorite Boston Brunchers event EVER, and I’m about to tell you why.

First off, I was really digging the decor of Local 149. From the colored seltzer bottles, to the funky paintings, to the high top tables surrounding the bar, I already loved Local 149.

And then they started putting CRAZY stuff on the table.

Yeah. It’s a freaking COCONUT. With a pretty umbrella. And you know what was IN that pretty coconut with the pretty umbrella?


Oh, there may have been some coconut water in there, maybe some other stuff, but yeah, there was rum in it. And it was delicious.

I mean, clearly Megan was enjoying it.

Any restaurant that has a good charcuterie plate is a winner in my book. I wish I could tell you the deliciousness that was on this plate, but I can’t. It’s ok though, because it is continuously rotating, so you may not get the same thing each time you go. All I know, is that it was a wonderful start to the many items we were going to try that afternoon.

I’m going to tell you right now that I am not a Bloody Mary fan. Maybe it’s the horseradish. I don’t know. THIS Bloody Mary, on the other hand, was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Is the point of a Bloody Mary that you don’t taste the alcohol? Because it just tasted like sweet tomato goodness. I also swear I tasted oyster or clam juice, and I’m ok with that. I may have drank all of it.

Oysters aren’t considered aphrodisiacs for nothing. These Cotuit Oysters were briny and super fresh. The squeeze of lemon and additional of raspberry puree added a sweet note that again makes Local 149 different. I have a soft spot for Wellfleet Oysters, but these oysters were damn tasty.

Now it was time to get down to business. You really can’t get much more comfort food than chicken and waffles. But when they are made with rosemary butter and caramel sherry syrup and blueberries, comfort food becomes elegant. The chicken had just the right amount of crunch without being greasy, and the delicious syrup melded perfectly into the soft waffle.

Almost everything at Local 149 is made in house. From the pickles, to the bacon, to the sausage. I believe these beauties were a lamb sausage, and they were spectacular. They were served with a delicious house made chili sauce. I like it. I like it a lot.

It was a good thing they gave us so much food, because they also gave us A LOT to drink. Drink #3 if you are keeping count was a Mimosa made with prosecco, freshly squeezed OJ and Pomegranate juice. This was a lovely spin on a mimosa, and I’m pretty sure I will be adding pomegranate juice to all the mimosas I make from now on. I’m just fancy like that.

The next course was on of my (many) favorite. Breakfast pizza. But not just ANY breakfast pizza. A breakfast pizza with quail eggs, baby arugula, cherrywood bacon, and spicy creame fraiche. The added bonus of the different seeds on the edge of the pizza gave it that extra bit of crunch. I had 2 pieces. And I was very close to having 2 more. Put an egg on a pizza and I will be your friend for LIFE. True story.

The next sweet course was one of the most creative plates of the afternoon. Brioche french toast. Soaked in espresso martini. Oh, but it’s crunchy when you bite into it. Yeah, that’s the cinnamon Life cereal that it’s encrusted in.


Yeah, that’s right. I’m pretty sure I’m going to try to recreate this amazingness at home. Crunchy on the outside, moist and soft on the inside. The white chocolate cigarette and whipped cream didn’t hurt. Oh yeah, and the THREE different kinds of bacon that were available to try. Marry me Local 149?

It was about at this time when the bellies of the Boston Brunchers were starting to protest. But we still had 2 more dishes to try. And 2 more drinks. Oh, what is a girl to do. This beauty right here is a peach and mint sangria, and was my favorite drink of the day. It was refreshing, and I loved being able to taste the mint. It was a nice break in between waiting for the food.

Our second to last course was the Lobster MacMuffin with Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese, on a homemade English Muffin. Um, McDonalds? You should be taking copious notes here, because this was a most amazing dish. I’m mesmerized on how TALL the eggs are. HOW DO THEY DO THAT?!?!!?! The eggs were fluffy and moist, with bits of lobster scattered throughout. I decided to skip the potatoes that were served with it.

Our last course was Yorkshire Pudding, with a housemade chicken sausage, homemade gravy and poached eggs. Probably my favorite savory dish of the day (with the breakfast pizza coming close behind). The Yorkshire Pudding was perfect, and slathering on the gravy and eggs and sausage was so amazing, I had 3 bites, even though my stomach was protesting muchly.

Obviously a sweet ending was needed, so we received a small portion of their Five Dollar Milkshake, a chocolate malted milkshake that was so smooth and so chocolatey, I almost asked for seconds. Almost.

I was completely and utterly BLOWN AWAY by the amazingness of Local 149. The service was phenomenal, and you could tell they were excited about the food they were making and serving. There aren’t many places I would go out of my way to go to, but I would most certainly go out of my way to come back to Local 149. You will NOT be disappointed.

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Disclaimer: Brunch at Local 149 was provided to us at no charge. As always, all opinions are my own and in no way were influenced by the restaurant.


OM Restaurant with Boston Brunchers

27 Aug

This past Saturday I had the FANTASTIC opportunity to dine with some fabulous Boston Brunchers for Brunch at OM Restaurant.

I have to admit, while I’ve certainly walked by OM many a times in my forays in Harvard Square, I never really considered dining there, nevermind eating brunch there. I actually didn’t even know they served brunch! Learn something knew everyday.

While we didn’t get to sit outside we did sit on the second floor right next to the windows which provided 1) ample light (they know their food bloggers!) and 2) provided a great view of Winthrop Square on the edge of Harvard Square.

I was immediately impressed with the brunch menu. Small, but it provided both breakfast (sweet and savory) and lunch thrown in. Everything on the menu looked great, and I really liked the Asian touches the menu had to offer.

We started off with a Lychee Bellini. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to go back to boring Peach or Orange Bellini’s because this was delicious! The lychee was wonderfully thick with small bits of lychee mixed with the champagne. It was a wonderful start to the meal.

The sweeter side of the menu looked absolutely to die for, but we all didn’t really want to have all that sweetness. Luckily our server understood our needs and we were able to sample the delicious chocolate and banana stuffed french toast served with maple syrup. The bread was nicely eggy, and the chocolate was amazing. I actually didn’t taste any bananas in the french toast, so I don’t know what was up with that.

We also decided to share an order of the Lemon Buttermilk Pancake which was served with the most amazing orange honey butter. I seriously just wanted an entire bowl of that butter. I generously slathered it all over my pancake quarter and ate it happily.

What made this pancake extra special was the lemon curd surprise found on the inside. I don’t know how on Earth they did this, but they managed to sandwich this amazing curd into the middle of the pancake. Slightly tangy and slightly sweet, it complimented the pancake perfectly. My only gripe with this dish? At $9.00, you only get 1 pancake. 1 Pancake!!! At least give me 2 pancakes!

While there were a couple of items that caught my eye, I ultimately went with the Duck Confit hash, which was served with 2 eggs any style (I copied Kathy and went poached) served with a Spicy Tomato Sauce. A couple things about this dish. The eggs were cooked PERFECTLY so when I stuck my fork in the yolk, it blessedly split open and covered the potatoes and the duck. Can you say Heaven? Second, the spicy tomato sauce? I’ll take an entire VAT of that please. It had just the right amount of kick to it and it added a perfect amount of flavor to the dish. There was also a generous amount of duck confit that literally melted in my mouth. I loved everything about this dish.

I was able to snag a few bites of Megan’s Biscuit, Egg, & Ham dish which was served with some of the best home fries EVAH. I’m really a hash brown kind of gal, and I always prefer if there is only the home fries option, that the potatoes are on the smaller side. I can’t stand huge chunks of potatoes. But that’s a rant for another day. Let’s concentrate on these babies. Perfectly seasoned, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Yeah, these were good. And the biscuit? It lovingly sandwiched some delicious eggs, cured ham, and the most unbelievable tomato jam I’ve tasted. Out.Of.This.World. The ham was so-so for me, it was definitely a little more salty than I would have liked. The biscuit was VERY heavy on the butter, dare I say maybe too¬†much butter? It definitely had the flakiness of a great biscuit and it melted in my mouth, but I could tell there was nothing healthy about THAT biscuit.

While there were some minor misses, brunch at OM Restaurant was most definitely a home run. I would love to come back to try some of the other brunch items, and I’m also curious to return for dinner. A great time had by all, hanging with some fabulous bloggers and eating some delicious food. Definitely check out brunch at OM if you find yourself in Harvard Square!

Disclaimer: Brunch at OM Restaurant was provided at no cost to me (besides tip!) but all opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the fact that it was free. It was really that good.

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Boston Bruncher’s Dine & Dash!

17 Mar

For March’s Boston Brunchers a bunch of us decided to sign up for the Ras Na hEireann 5K race in Davis Square Somerville. After that, we would be brunching at Gargoyles on the Square. I was pumped for two reasons. #1 I love races and #2 I have been DYING to try Gargoyles Disco Brunch. So it was absolutely perfect.

The race itself was great, and filled with thousands of people, some dressed in just shorts (too cold!), others dressed in their greenest finery. I managed to finish in 27:02 (a personal best for me!) and nommed on a snack from Diesel Cafe while waiting for everyone to finish the race. Then, it was off to brunch!!

Since the rest of the bars in Davis were packed to the brims we decided to head over to Gargoyles early. They let us hang out at the bar area until our table was ready. The bartender that morning was fantastic! (Wish I remembered her name). For my drink I had a coffee with Irish Cream since I hadn’t had any coffee yet. It was delicious! And the coffee was strong! I also tried some of Renee’s bloody mary. Now, I am no bloody mary drinker but this was AMAZING. They make their own in house gazpacho infused vodka, and it literally tasted like soup and DIDN’T taste like alcohol. And I KNOW there was alcohol because I saw her pour it in. That drink is dangerous.

We finally sat down and it was like a party was going on. Disco ball, flashing lights, glow bracelets, and even a hot pink boa. Oh, and of course the seventies music. And it was REALLY dark.

We all decided to split a couple of orders of their homemade donuts. These babies were light fluffy balls of cinnamon and fried goodness. Pillows of air covered in cinnamon sugar. Served with a cream sauce on the side. I could have eaten 5 of them. But I didn’t.

Instead I saved room for the pretzel pancakes that were served with peanut butter fluff and two sausage patties. The pancakes didn’t scream PRETZEL, but that’s ok, it was the right combination of sweet and salty and peanuts. The sausage patty was pretty tasty too. I also managed to grab a couple of waffle fries, and I gave them a big thumbs up.

The only downside of the party? Once we sat down at our table we were ignored for at least 20 minutes. I didn’t mind too much, as I was surrounded by party music and friends, but it was a little off putting. We were told that they were a little backed up and that was why there was a long wait, but it was still off putting.

If you haven’t tried the disco brunch at Gargoyles you need to try it ASAP!

Oh, and you are probably wondering by now why there are no pictures? It’s because it was a homework assignment from Boston Food Bloggers. But don’t worry, if you want to check out pictures of the brunch, you can head over to some of the other bloggers that came!

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Boston Brunchers @ Dorado Tacos & Cemitas

10 Feb

I have been wanting to go to Dorado Tacos & Cemitas ever since they opened in July of 2009 (Side note: I totally thought they opened in 2010, how sad is that?) So when I saw that the Boston Brunchers (Headed by Renee over at Eat.Live.Blog) were going to have their February gathering their, I pounced, fast.

Dorado is pretty tiny, but the wonderful rainbow of colors and the huge windows make it seem much bigger. But pretty much all 16 of us Brunchers took over the entire restaurant. It’s a good thing they opened early for us.

It was a toss up on whether I wanted coffee or hot chocolate this particular morning, but needless to say caffeine won this time. I was really tempted to ask for half coffee and half hot chocolate though.

There was pretty much no question on what I would be enjoying this fine Sunday morning. HUEVOS RANCHEROS. I had been salivating over them since I had signed up for the brunch. I mean, just look at how amazingly beautiful they look? And I wish I could have taken a picture of this, but almost all of the other Brunchers got the rancheros. That’s just how awesome they are.

I’d like to talk about these patatas bravas for a moment. Now, I am usually a hash brown kind of gal, but these crispy potatoes were pretty amazing. And that spicy tomato sauce? I would like a carton of that please. I almost licked the plate clean that sauce was so good.

But let’s go back to the huevos rancheros, shall we? They had a nice spiciness to it, and the eggs were perfectly runny. And the queso fresco? Pretty much made the dish. I could have eaten 4 more plates of these, but as I am trying not to gain any more weight, I declined.

I checked into Dorado via my Yelp app and was rewarded with a FREE agua fresca. Let me tell you, attempting to drink hot coffee after consuming a spicy meal is not advised. I went with the hibiscus tea variety, since I’m not a huge fan of cucumber melon. I mean, I like the smell, but not the taste. The hibiscus was awesome and quenched my thirst amazingly.

Oh, and did I mention I got all this deliciousness for less than $10? Crazy, I know.

Dorado, I’ll be back.

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