Lil’ Vinny’s Restaurant – Somerville

7 Sep

I don’t get out to Somerville nearly as much as I’d like to. I mean, for one, it’s really far away, and certain areas of Somerville aren’t even accessible via the red line. Which means I have to take 2 buses and a train to get to Somerville. And I don’t have a car, which is sad. I really like Somerville, almost as much as I like Brighton. Almost.

When Renee from Eat.Live.Blog & Boston Brunchers sent out an invite for a blogger dinner at Lil Vinny’s Restaurant in Magoun Sq in Somerville, I immediately was in, location be damned.

Lil’ Vinny’s is about a 15 minute walk or a 3 minute bus ride from Davis Sq in Somerville. It’s very intimate on the inside, with less than 20 tables as well as a small bar.

They don’t have any beers on tap and none of the bottles spoke to me, so I settled on a glass of German Riesling. It went deliciously well with the warm and soft bread that was served with some olive oil.

Our first course was a traditional caesar salad that was served with thick slabs of Parmesan cheese. There was a little too much dressing for my liking, but it had a wonderful creaminess and there was a hint of anchovies that I love. The croutons were crispy and buttery, just how I like them.

Our second course was mussels served with fresh tomatoes, banana peppers in an amazing broth. Seriously, I could have just drank this broth. The mixture of the tomatoes with the banana pepper juice and the mussels made it just a little bit spicy. The mussels were cooked perfectly.

The third course was my least favorite. A chicken and tortellini pesto with sundried tomatoes and spinach. After the chunks of fresh tomato in the mussel dish, many of us were disappointed with the sundried tomatoes. It’s peak tomato season people! Use them up! The chicken was dry and the dish totally would have been better without it. The tortellini was also nothing to write home about.

At around the 4th course, many of us started to wavier. I sadly ended up leaving almost half of every plate I had because I was afraid of how many more courses we were going to get! The eggplant parmesan that was generously served with cheese and stuffed with spinach was a perfect size. The cheese was gooey and there were lovely brown spots throughout. The meal was certainly going back to being amazing.

Our 5th course was by far my favorite, as well as many other bloggers. It was a veal bolognese with homemade fusilli. Many of us wrapped this meal up because we didn’t want ANY of it to go to waste. My husband ended up having it the day after and commented on how amazing it was. The sauce soaked the past beautifully and the meat was tender and juicy.

For dessert, we were served a vanilla bean panna cotta with candied lemon peels and a caramel sauce. This was the perfect ending. I really didn’t want to have any kind of chocolate dessert (*gasp*) so I was ecstatic when this was placed in front of me. The panna cotta was incredibly creamy and you could certainly see and taste the vanilla bean. The caramel sauce balanced nicely and I really enjoyed the candied lemon.

Honestly, I can’t see myself coming back here anytime soon because I live so far away, but, if you DO live in Somerville, you must head down to Lil’ Vinny’s. You will NOT be sorry!

Lil Vinny's Ristorante on Urbanspoon

Disclaimer: Dinner at Lil’ Vinny’s Restaurant was provided to me free of charge, however all opinions are my own.


6 Responses to “Lil’ Vinny’s Restaurant – Somerville”

  1. Emily @ A Cambridge Story September 7, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    This place looks like the perfect Italian neighborhood joint! The tortellini looks great from your photo – too bad it didn’t deliver. At least the rest of the meal did!

  2. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic September 8, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    Wish I could’ve made it for this dinner! I will definitely put Lil Vinny’s on my must-visit-soon list 🙂

  3. Erica Thomas from Boston Rookie September 8, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    I was bummed when I missed out on this brunch and saw everyone’s tweets!!! The veal bolognese with fusilli looked delicious!

  4. Dan September 8, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    I believe the word you were looking for regarding the sun dried tomatoes was “affront”. Other than that though, what a great meal! I’m not a sweets guy, but for some reason that panna cotta has been in my head all week.

    • kitchenmisfit September 9, 2011 at 8:43 am #

      I made vanilla bean panna cotta once, and it definitely wasn’t as good as Lil’ Vinny’s! I’ll have to make it again though…and yes, great choice of words for those sun dried tomatoes!


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