Bermuda – The Wedding

21 Aug

So obviously our main reason for visiting beautiful Bermuda was to see two of our dear friends get married!

Don’t they look so amazingly happy? Adorable.

The wedding took place at the beautiful Fairmont Southampton hotel.

If you like all-inclusive hotels, this is your place to stay. Boasting 8 different restaurants, a private beach, a pool, and everything else in between, if you are the type of vacationer that likes everything all in one place, this is your hotel. Joe and I aren’t those types of travelers, but even I was impressed by this hotel.

The ceremony was held on the Great Lawn, which overlooked the ocean. You could not have asked for a more beautiful location for the wedding. The ceremony was amazing, and the couple just glowed.

The reception was also held on the Great Lawn, just next to where the ceremony was.

Cocktail hour started off with an amazing pasta station. We had the choice of a couple different meats/seafood/veggies and even a couple different sauces. Made fresh right in front of us.

Joe and I decided to share a plate of the tortellini with fresh tomato sauce ans some cheese. It was a great start to the evening’s food.


The first course was a grilled portobello mushroom and mache lettuce, with herbed goat cheese, olive poached tomatoes with a Parmesan twist and balsamic and olive oil. Obviously if it has goat cheese I’m going to love it, and this was a really tasty and inventive salad. The Parmesan twist was light and crispy, and the cheese was smooth and creamy. I loved the poached tomatoes, they definitely melted in my mouth.

The second course was a pumpkin ravioli with creamed spinach and a mascarpone emulsion. I had seen this on the menu earlier and was afraid that the ravioli would weigh my stomach down, but was surprised when I bit into them how airy they were. I feel like most weddings have some kind of pumpkin ravioli concoction and they never turn out well, but this thankfully was one of the more excellent ravioli’s I’ve had.

For my main course, I went with the Bermuda Snapper, which was served with a shrimp and Ancho chili butter sauce, lobster and roasted garlic whipped potato and served with some red pepper and asparagus and red cabbage. Even though I was completely stuffed halfway through this meal, I kept on eating it because it was THAT amazing. The other option was grass fed beef short ribs, which also sounded amazing, but let’s be honest, I can get that back in the States. Bermuda Snapper? Not so much. While the meal looked heavy, it was not. Delicious.

The wedding cake was simple but elegant and was a white cake with raspberry filling in the middle. I was literally bursting out of my dress by the time dessert came along, but I still managed to grab a few bites of the cake. It was light and moist, and the raspberry filling was really yummy.

Dancing and singing and drinking ensued. I’m sorry I don’t have embarrassing photos to show you, but use your imagination.  Literally 10 minutes after the wedding ended, it started raining. Talk about perfect.

But wait, there’s more….

The next day, we were able to attend the morning after Brunch at Windows on the Sound. Now, I’ve been to MANY a brunch, even buffet style brunch, and let me tell you, I was MAJORLY impressed with the selection. There were your standard egg/omelette station. Then there was the waffle station. A yogurt station. Fresh fruit station. A smoothie station (WHAT?!?!) A selection of bacon, sausage, home fries, pancakes, cured meats, cheeses, cured fish, cream cheese, oatmeal, cream of wheat.
And then there was the food that was so clearly Bermudian….
Cod cakes in the forefront next to some baked cod on the side served with Bermudian onions and veggies. On the back and to the right are some johnny cakes. Next to those are some Portuguese malasadas (be still my Portuguese heart) and next to that is Cassava Pie.
Have you ever had Cassava Pie? It’s not really a pie. It’s got more of a bread pudding like consistency. Cassava itself is actually very toxic for people, and therefore it has to be baked for many hours. You would think that was comes out would not be appetizing, but you are wrong! It was served with some kind of chutney, and I really enjoyed it!
The buffet price is a total bargain at $29 which is a fantastic deal for all of the delicious food you can get. I didn’t even scratch the surface of how much amazing food they had. I didn’t even have dessert. Oh, did I also mention that they had 3 different types of whipped cream? Or that they served whole avocados along with avocado bread. Oh, they also had fried bananas. FRIED.BANANAS. Seriously, if you come to Bermuda, you MUST come to the Fairmont and Windows on the Sound and have this brunch. I’d go back to Bermuda just to have this brunch again. That’s how amazing it was.
So there you have it kids, our vacation in Bermuda. I hope I’ve made you want to visit this beautiful and remote island. It’s only a 2 hour flight from Boston, but it feels like you are half way across the world!


4 Responses to “Bermuda – The Wedding”

  1. cheryl sigman August 21, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    Sounds like a perfect background to a perfect wedding! I’m sure you weren’t the only guests who felt the warmth and love inspired by this event. Artfully displayed foods, which you have described as culinary delights, is testament to the hospitality of the Bermudians. Wish I were there.

  2. Daisy August 22, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    congratulations to your friends!! what a stunning landscape. I enjoyed hearing about the interesting and delicious foods.

  3. Joanne August 23, 2011 at 6:37 am #

    The wedding sounds so lovely! And the FOOD. Swoon. I might have to get married there.

  4. Chocolate&Wine September 1, 2011 at 1:55 pm #

    Absolutely gorgeous photos. Wait til you see my camera tonight at the dinner. Should be a good laugh =)

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

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