Mystery Meet: Pig Roast @ Citizen Public House

20 May

I’m sorry I have not been posting often. I was too busy getting into GRADUATE SCHOOL. I’m still a little stunned on this one to be honest. It’s hard to believe I will be taking classes again in less than 4 months. After being out of college for more than 2 years that a little nerve wracking. But I’m so completely excited that I will be pursuing something that I truly love and enjoy.

Speaking of stuff that I truly love and enjoy, we have pig.

Ladies and gentlemen that is a beautiful suckling pig and I had the pleasure of nomming on at Mystery Meet which was hosted at Citizen Public House & Oyster bar. I had heard of their pig roast before this Mystery Meet was even announce and I wanted to do it. Then I figured out that the next Mystery Meet was at Citizen and I was on that like pig brains on a tortilla chip (more on that later).

I didn’t take too many pictures as the lighting was less than ideal, but seriously, you NEED to come here and plan a pig roast. I mean, obviously you have the deliciousness of the pork itself, but the SIDES are CRAZY.

Roasted asparagus.

Roasted herbed red bliss potatoes.

Macaroni and cheese.

Blue Cheese Bread Pudding.

I’m usually not a fan of blue cheese, but this one was mild and just CRAZY.

We also started out with some shrimp, oysters, and littlenecks. I was sad there weren’t more since I am an oyster whore.

So, let’s get onto the pig, shall we? Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of the pig sliced up since the lighting was bad, but just picture it in your mind. Pork loin stuffed with sausage. Tiny pork ribs. Pork belly. Pork Cracklins. Pork Ears (crunchy). Pork Pork Pork Pork. All washed down with a delicious (and cheap!) Pretty Things Beer.

A small sampling of what my plate looked like. I still ate my (delicious) greens!

Now, back to my pig brain reference from above. I tried it. It was scary. It was unlike anything I had ever tried before. It still kind of wigs me out but hey, at least I can say that I’ve had pig brains, right? RIGHT?!!

A big thanks to Wine Dine With Us for hosting this month’s Mystery Meet. Can wait for next month!

Stay tuned readers, I have an AWESOME giveaway coming up just in time for my BIRTHDAY! Stay tuned!


3 Responses to “Mystery Meet: Pig Roast @ Citizen Public House”

  1. Elizabeth May 20, 2011 at 11:41 am #

    That is quite the meal! I bet the mac and cheese was awesome.

  2. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic May 22, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    Congrats on grad school! I love pig roasts – reminds me of home in the Philippines. Now I want some pork cracklins!


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    […] Mystery Meet: Pig Roast @ Citizen Public House […]

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