Fly Away to San Francisco, Part 2

7 Mar

Our first full day in San Francisco was a day of really being a tourist. After finishing breakfast we hopped on the MUNI to downtown San Francisco. Let me tell you Bostonians, the MUNI, is EXACTLY like the MBTA. Another reason why I felt at home while I was in San Francisco. I felt like I was getting on the Green Line at some points. But I digress.

Our first stop? The cable cars obviously! Whenever you think of San Francisco the first thing that comes to mind are the cable cars. They are insanely expensive ($5 a pop!) but we grabbed a day pass for $13 each which gave you unlimited trips on the cable cars and MUNI so it was incredibly worth it.

Holy hills Batman!

After a bit of a wait we made it onto the cable car. Riding on the cable cars really made us realize just how incredibly hilly San Francisco is. I mean, I knew it was hilly, I just didn’t realize it was that hilly.

The cable car dropped us off within walking distance of Fisherman’s Wharf. Fisherman’s Wharf reminds me a lot of Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market in Boston except with more t-shirt shops and greasier food. We walked along the pier and saw some awesome views of Alcatraz

and the Golden Gate Bridge.

We weren’t particularly hungry for lunch just yet so we walked over to Ghirardelli Square.

We obviously went to the Ghirardelli store where we bought some delicious chocolate and shared a small dish of strawberry ice cream with dark chocolate Ghirardelli sauce. It was, in a word, amazing.

For lunch we decided to stop at Boudin Bakery & Cafe. San Francisco is obviously known as the place to get sourdough. We unfortunately did not try the clam chowder in a bread bowl because we were still a little full from breakfast, but it looked amazing.

You can get all kinds of amazing sourdough breads from Boudin. They even have bread shaped in animals that are available for purchase. They were very cute.

They also sell Californian olive oil and other regional specialties. While we waited for our sandwich to be made I browsed some of the offerings and really wanted to buy a ton of stuff! But I resisted.

For our light lunch we decided on the simple Turkey with Havarti Cheese on a classic sourdough bread. The sandwich was simple and exactly what we needed after a heavy breakfast. The bread really was amazing. We ended up buying a 1lb loaf to take to Lake Tahoe with us.

If your stomach allows, I would definitely recommend trying the clam chowder in the bread bowl for 2 reasons, 1. to see if San Francisco chowder is as good as Boston chowder and 2. to eat it in a bread bowl like we do in Boston.

Even though this is in the most touristy part of the city, Boudin Bakery & Cafe is a must try. Don’t even think about missing it.


3 Responses to “Fly Away to San Francisco, Part 2”

  1. mollyparr March 7, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    I love your photos! San Francisco is on our list of places we’d love to visit. Your blog posts about it are making that visit more and more likely. 🙂

  2. Emily @ A Cambridge Story March 7, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    Mmm. Boudin. I hope you made it to Ghiradelli when you were in that general neck of the woods!


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