Guest Post w/ Fiona of A Boston Food Diary

3 Mar

I discovered Fiona of A Boston Food Diary when I stumbled upon a post about her love of Pho. I knew immediately that we were destined to be friends. When we met at the Signpost Launch Party we immediately hit it off discussing our mutual love of Pho. I still need to take her out to my favorite Pho places in the city! But for now, please enjoy some of her favorite restaurants in the city!


I met Amanda some months ago and we immediately bonded over a common love- Pho. Amanda is a dedicated connoisseur of the fantastic Vietnamese soup, while I am just starting my exploration of it’s delicious qualities. Amanda has been incredibly generous though in sharing her list of favorites, and I have pledged to hit them all.

I think that that is one of my favorite things about Boston. As many times as people say that diversity lacks within this city, I have to beg to differ. Boston is a city that served as the home for wave after wave of immigrants from parts of the world, and now our culinary landscape is rich. Through my blog, A Boston Food Diary, I try to experience as much as I possibly can from every different cuisine. I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce you, the readers of Tales from a Kitchen Misfit, to my favorite culturally diverse
restaurants in Boston.

Pho Pasteur ( ) – Lets dive right in ok? Obviously this one may change in the coming months as I continue my quest in trying other spots for the tasty soup in Boston. Right now, this clean broth, loaded with rare steak, cilantro, onions and rice noodles hits the spot.

Coppa ( )-There is Italian food, and then there is Italian food. I love Chicken Parmesan as much as the next guy, but I know that there is more to Italian cuisine than chicken cutlets covered in sauce and cheese. Coppa opens the mind with hand made rigatoni dishes (heavy on the wine enhancements), exotic meats in approachable formats (calves brain ravioli?)
and by house curing their own meats (duck prosciutto is a must). This isn’t your average Italian food- it is far, far better!

Rami’s ( )- Good Kosher food isn’t something that is readily found, but the guys over at Rami’s have it down pat. Freshly made hummus, perfectly fried falafel, kebab to die for…Rami’s is the place to go

Villa Mexico ( )- Boston does not do Mexican food well. We just don’t. I’m not sure what it is exactly that keeps us from it, but most spots serve pretty terrible Mexican food. Not Villa Mexico. Hidden away in a gas station in Beacon Hill, this little jewel serves up made to order burritos, tacos and a variety of “plates” all perfectly seasoned and delicious. Be sure to order the
salsa when you’re there- full of fire roasted veggies, the black color is odd, but the flavor amazing!

Uni Sashimi ( )- Expensive for sure, but Uni Sashimi brings true Japanese flavor to their Sushi. Seafood indigenous to Japan, presented as art, with flavor accompaniments that are beyond creative. Every dish served is a masterpiece to the eye, as well as to the palate with varying textures and flavors.

Dok Bua- Another frustration point for me in Boston is when restaurants “dial back” their spice. Dok Bua stays true to their dishes, adding spice as liberally as they feel, and keeping everything as authentic as possible. To me, their Beef Basil is an absolute treat!


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