Restaurant Review: Mumbai Chopstix

16 Dec

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to participate in my first Mystery Meet Boston event.

Photo Courtesy of Mystery Meet's Website

On the second Tuesday of every month, local foodies and food bloggers come together to sample a prix fixe menu at a local restaurant. The restaurant in question is kept a secret until 24 hours in advance. Clues are given so people have the opportunity to figure out the location. Mystery Meet was founded by Seth Resler.

I was able to figure out the clues and was correct in guessing the location of this month’s Mystery Meet, which was Mumbai Chopstix. I have to admit, I was hesitant to participate since I hadn’t heard great things about the restaurant and fusion really isn’t my thing.

The restaurant is on two levels, with a very tiny bar downstairs and additional seating upstairs. The ambiance is pleasant and the decoration very tasteful. When looking over the prix fixe menu I wasn’t overly impressed but was willing to go for it.

I started out with the Mango Sangria ($9), which had elements of mango and lychee in it. It was very tasty, and very sweet. I’m not sure about the amount of wine in the drink, but it didn’t taste like much. I do like when my sangria tastes a little like wine, but for the most part I enjoyed my drink.

For our appetizer we started out with what was suppose to be reminiscence of Indian street food. It contained a yogurt sauce, chickpeas, potatoes and some crispy noodles. It took a couple of us to figure out that there were actually potatoes in the dish since they didn’t taste quite potato like. The dish was very good, but could have used more yogurt sauce.

The second course was a little confusing. We were given the option of a sweet and sour soup or the Chicken 65 – which is stir fried chicken with chillies and dry curry leaf. We ended up getting both which I was fine with. The soup was slightly spicy and there were minimal amounts of veggies in the soup. I wish there was more. Otherwise, the broth was very flavorful.

The chicken on the other hand, was anything BUT flavorful. At the time I had wished I didn’t finish my soup as I would have dunked the chicken in the soup. There was absolutely no flavor to the chicken, if there was any chillies or curry leaf in it, they either forgot to put it in, or didn’t put enough. There was a nice crunch to it, but it really tasted like nothing!

For our main course we had the choice of either American Chop Suey or Curried Tilapia. I was surprised, along with a couple of my other dinning mates, that Chop Suey was even on the menu, and it wasn’t even American Chop Suey! From what I could see from another person who ordered the dish, it was more along the lines of Lo Mein noodles with Veggies and Chicken. Very misleading. They should really consider renaming that dish!

I was pleasantly surprised with the Tilapia. It was a bit spicy, and the veggies served with it were very good and crispy. There was even some sauteed spinach hiding underneath. It was served with white rice (basmati? Couldn’t tell) and I enjoyed soaking the rice in the sauce. At this point of the meal I was really craving some Naan, which later I couldn’t even find on their menu. How can a restaurant claim to be Indian without Naan is beyond me!

For dessert at first we were given the option of Chocolate Mousse cake or Date Pancake. I was very excited for the Date Pancake but instead we were served the mousse cake with 2 slices of date pancake and some lychee. The mouse cake was very good, not sweet and even had a little bit of crunch. The small slices of date pancake were a tease, and I later wished I said I was lactose intolerant as the one person at our table who was was served the date pancakes.

All in all I didn’t really get the whole Indian/Chinese aspect. I looked on their menu later on that night and was disappointed that we weren’t served some of the more fusion like dishes, such as the peking duck samosas or the tandoori spring rolls. However I am glad I came, since hubby doesn’t really like fusion and I don’t think I would have come here any other time. I think this place has a lot of potential but if their other dishes are disappointing like some of the dishes we were given, then they might not have a chance on a very selective Newbury St.

Cheers to Seth for organizing, and I look forward to the next Mystery Meet!

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2 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Mumbai Chopstix”

  1. Meesh December 17, 2010 at 11:13 am #

    so fun! great review I feel the same way about the soup, it needs more stuff!


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